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Wildfire Survival Bunkers

HFM offers personal safety solutions for those who cannot, and choose not to evacuate during Wildfire Entrapment Situations.  What will you do when your community is given a Fire Evacuation Order, and you can't outrun, out drive, or out think the advancing fire front?  Our Wildfire Survival Bunker is your best option.

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Shelter Sizes

  • 6 - Person Bunker (6' x 8')  

  • 10 - Person Bunker (6'10" x 10')

  • Includes 8" wind turbine and 6" vent.  Features a 3 hinge hatch-lock system.  Landscape shroud available upon request, for an additional cost.



  • Special fiber and steel rebar reinforced concrete, with a poured minimum strength of 6,000 PSI.

  • FEMA 320, 361, and ICC 500 Protocols.

  • Tested at Texas Tech, Wind, Science and Engineering Center.


Two-Way Hatch

  • Hatch Size: 30.5" x  37"

  • Steel double locking hatch with interior and exterior handles.

  • Step stringer available in 4 or 5 step configuration, with interior handrails.  Exterior handrail for an additional cost.

It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!
- George Ellis



Wildfire Survival Bunker Information

  • Quality Engineered & Stringently Tested  |  FEMA 320/381 & ICC-500 Protocols  | Made in the USA  |  10 Year Limited Warranty

  • 6 - Person & 10 Person Wildfire Survival Bunkers (allow 3 additional weeks for 10 - Person Bunker)

  • Providing Best Practices - Best Options for Homeowner and Community Safety 


To learn more about our Wildfire Survival Bunkers click the button below.  In a world of unpredictable climate chaos we stand ready to help those in need.

Made In The USA!



Are You A Good Candidate?

Do you live in the Wildland-urban interface (WUI)?  Have you, your neighbors, and your community properly managed your fuel loading?  Do you have a wildfire suppression system (i.e. 2,500 gal tank/pump/hose/hardware), and have you been properly trained on how to use it?  Will you be able to safely evacuate yourself, your family, and your pets in any given wildfire situation?


What if you cannot safely evacuate or you choose not to heed the warnings (there are no do overs)?  A familiar scenario: the sky is dark, the wind is cranking, embers are flying, smoke is overwhelming, your throat is dry, you're becoming increasingly confused and anxious.  Your escape route has been cutoff.  You are officially scared!


"In La Plata County, less than 10% of total homeowners will fire mitigate, nearly 1/3 of total residents are vacation homes, and the majority of our WUI falls under high to extreme FIRE DANGER."

- Community Planning Assistance Wildfire Program (2020)



My name is Jon Frisch, I'm a retired Smokejumper, and my threshold for wildfire is much greater than yours.  I have operated in erratic fire behavior for much of my adult life.  I understand wildland fire.

I also understand crisis management, and how it relates to excessive fuel loading, drought, disease, insect proliferation, and the impact all of this will have on your chances for survival.  In today's climate, you will need a contingency plan for a contingency plan to be successful.  You will need a Wildfire Survival Bunker for when you quickly run out of options.


Our bunkers are the best in the world.  Our manufacturer helped lead Australia in testing and certifying, while employing their version of Wildfire Survival Bunker.  It works.  Visit our FAQ's page...

When frenzy ensues, the average person can only think of 3 major thing's... 


What's There To Gain?

According to the National Inter-agency Fire Center (NIFC), our fire seasons are getting hotter, drier, windier, and deadlier.  Having a safe place to ride the storm out has become essential for survival. 


  • Stow valuable belongings in your bunker, if and when you are able to evacuate.  It's much easier to recover valuables from your bunker, than sifting through caustic ash and rubble.

  • Add another compelling reason for firefighters to protect your home.  If your property's fire mitigated, and you have a Willdfire Survival Bunker installed, you stand a greater chance of having your property protected.  It's called structure protection - assessment triage.  Learn more...

  •   We are communicating with local Emergency Management, in effort to help prevent the loss of lives, given our existing fire severity.  Our bunkers are the best option for when you have exhausted your last option.  Install, rehearse, and live to tell your story.


  •  Our Bunkers have doubled as war shelters, root sellers, and storage rooms for valuables.     

Trust your gut!  Ask a seasoned wildland fire professional what it's like when The Dragon is breathing down on your position while you hunker in place.  It's not pleasant.  Prevention saves lives...reaction can cost them. 


Boost your contingency plan by adding the highest layer of protection today!




Contact Your Local Emergency Management

Want a second opinion?  We don't mind.  Contact your county's Office of Emergency Management, Fire Department, Federal Inter-agency Wildland Fire Organizations USFS/BLM/DOI/BIA/NPS/FWS, and/or Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS).  Heck, you can even ask your local NGO's what they think?  If they have a stout wildfire background, they'll know what the deal is!  

There's a price we all have to pay when we live in the forest.  If you choose to leave your surroundings "natural", or you want to "hide" from your neighbors, there are pros and cons regarding your decision.

Our bunkers are you best option when you're facing your last option!

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