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Chainsaw Maintenance Guide

Maintenance Introduction - Professional Tips


Learning chainsaw field maintenance goes hand-in-hand with becoming an adept sawer.  Proper maintenance intervals with save you time, money, and total frustration in the long run!  

No sales person asks you if you want lessons when you buy your chainsaw and good luck with your line art - operators manual!  I offer free access to my documents page when you purchase any of my services and/ or training packages.  I want you to succeed! 

Chainsaw Guide Bar Inspection & Maintenance


Chainsaw guide bars (like vehicle tires and brakes) need constant inspection and maintenance.  Chain speed, felling, bucking and limbing operations will wear your bar's life down.  Knowing what to look for (followed by preventative maintenance) will ensure safe and economical operations. 


If you would like to learn more, please click the button below.  Remember chainsaw maintenance and operations go hand-in-hand.  Always have and always will.

Homeowner Chain Sharpening 101 


Chain sharpening will make or break your sawing experience.  Dull chain = poor performance for you and your saw.  Sharp chain = efficiency and safety.  If it sounds like your saw's murdering a goat, there's a good chance your chain's dull.  If your saw's creating dust (instead of throwing chips), you need help.  I can Help! 

There's a ton of gadgets and ways to sharpen your chain. I'm going to provide the quickest, easiest, and most economical way to get started.  Click to get started.

Chainsaw Air Filter Maintenance 


Your chainsaw's a heavy duty piece of equipment that is as efficient as it is dangerous.  The chainsaw's very versatile and it's designed to work hard and maintain running at peak performance, in harsh conditions.  Many chainsaws require you to replace the air filter once a year, but its a good idea to clean it during and after each use. 


A dirty air filter can cause the chainsaw to lose power and potentially stall.  This article will address how to properly clean your air filter.  Click the link to get started.

Chainsaw - Spark Plug Gap


Your chainsaws spark plug gap (especially in high altitude), is important for these reasons.  Gap: 0.50mm

  • Engine Performance: If the gap is not set right then it might result incomplete combustion of the air fuel mix.

  • Affects Voltage: Larger the gap, more plug draw.  Smaller the gap, hard or no start conditions.

  • Affects Fuel Efficiency: proper gap = proper mixture. 

  • Optimal Gap Set: allows smooth running operations.

Chain Tensioner Inspection or Replacement


Properly adjusting your chain is imperative for optimal chainsaw operations - save time and money.

Guide bar and clutch damage will occur without proper tension.  Your chainsaws tensioner serves as the bridge between too loose or too tight.  If your tensioner's isn't working properly, you'll need to replace it.  

Each manufacturer has their own style of tensioner, but the practice is (mostly) universal.

Oil Pump Inspection or Replacement


Your chainsaws throttle simultaneously engages the motor and the oil pump.  As you throttle up, a worm drive engages the pump to send oil through a port that releases onto the bar.


As the chain moves across the bar it distributes the oil across the surface, reducing the friction and the heat that occurs when cutting.  If your chainsaws oiler is adjustable, start there.  If it's not adjustable or the adjustment doesn't work - it's time for inspection or replacement.

Click the button below that best suits your maintenance search.  If the link's protected, just sign up or contact me and you'll be in business! 
To learn more about chainsaw field maintenance and/ or to schedule any of my professional services, please click the appropriate button below.  The 2020 fire season will be upon us soon - schedule today!
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