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Total Accountability - No Pretext

Durango & Surrounding Area | Call/ Text: +1 (970) 317-0826 | Free Estimates

Year-Round - Professional Consulting - Contractor Services



Building Site Clearing

  • Trees | Stumps | Slash Removal

  • Chipping & Hauling Services

  • Custom Request

  • Bonded & Insured


Corrective Tree Pruning

  • Canopy Restoration & Reduction

  • Dead Wood Thinning

  • Mistletoe Removal

  • Custom Requests

An arborist cutting a tree with a chains

Expert Tree Removals

  • Hazard Tree Removals

  • Careful Dismantling

  • Crane Service

  • Canopy Thinning - Logging



HFM's insured through Lloyd's of London (USA), under the following operational guidelines.


  • Fire Mitigation Consulting & Contractor Services

  • Perpetuity Logging Contracts & Services

  • Private - Commercial - Residential Tree Removals

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Image by Joshua Bartell

Resource Management


We help homeowners and communities alike, learn how to manage their resources.  Professional methods used to maintain balance between land and environment.  Proper fire mitigation is far from landscaping or chipping a few piles of brush.  Learn more...

Is Fire Mitigation Training Right For You - A few Thing's To Consider
With many of us spending more time around the home, fire mitigation is appearing on the radar.  Here are a few things to consider, while deciding if Doing It Yourself is right for you.
  • What equipment do you have on hand and what will you need to purchase?  What is the goal (hint... fire mitigation is not landscaping)?  Are you skilled enough to safely fell trees? 
  • Where do you need expert help?  Where do you need training?  Is your chainsaw powerful enough?  How much time do you have?  Do you want a plan that's achievable with lasting results? 
  • Will you do a few hours on the weekends or gather up friends for an intensive work week?  And what will you do with all the mess (viable options)?
Let us help you decide.  With over 30 years of answering these and other valuable questions, we're committed to helping you protect your largest investment (safely), while completing your goals!
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