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Chainsaw Air Filter Maintenance

Your chainsaw's air filter system was designed to keep particulates out, while sucking the most cool air in.  Regular filter maintenance is a must, to ensure proper operational tempo.  How often?  A good rule of thumb is for every tank of fuel or chain sharpening, you should inspect and clean you filter.  Tip: always take care not to damage your filter when cleaning, and always switch your operational lever to full choke position.  This will keep the carburetor closed and help prevent particles from entering.  Follow the slide-show and written regimen below to learn more about spark plug gap, and preventative maintenance.  For professional chain sharpening services or instruction, please contact me directly.

  1. Place operational select lever to full choke (See Image 1).

  2. Engage chain brake (See Image 2), some filter box covers are easier to remove with the chain brake engaged.

  3. Remove air filter box and locate air filter (See Image 3).

  4. Remove air filter (See Image 4), some air filters require the use of a scrench tool to be removed.

  5. Clean air filter by removing debris - if filter is oil saturated, use a bucket and warm soapy water for cleaning (See Images 5 - 6).

  6. If using compressed air, always blow out filter from inside out, and cover the carburetor with your thumb, to ensure no particulates enter the carburetor (See Image 5).  For filters that require oiling, remove debris, clean filter in bucket with warm soapy water, air dry, and coat filter with proper filter oil (See Images 6 - 7)

  7. Place filter(s) in a ziplock bag with just enough filter oil, to coat the filter(s).  Wring excess oil out of the filter(s), and store in ziplock.  For more information on air filter maintenance or any of my other professional services, please contact me directly.

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