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Chainsaw Fuel Filter Inspection - Replacement

Chainsaw fuel filters are easy to inspect and replace.  If your saw's running sluggish, changing out your fuel filter could be a cheap, simple, and easy fix.  Follow the slide-show and written regimen below to learn more about filters, and preventative maintenance.  For all other professional services or instruction, please contact me directly.

  1. Open and remove fuel cap (See Image 1 & 2).  If fuel cap leaks replace (See Image 3) to locate and pry off fuel cap lanyard. 

  2. With a tool of choice (i.e. bent coat hanger, long needle nose pliers) locate, and fish fuel filter and line through tank opening (See Image 4).

  3. Inspect fuel line integrity for rot and remove/ replace fuel filter (See Image 5).

  4. Inspect fuel tank for sediment and vacuum (or swab) out debris (See Image 6).  For more information or my other professional services, please contact me directly.

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