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Chainsaw Tensioner Inspection - Replacement

Chainsaw tension is crucial for optimal performance.  If your chain's too loose or too tight, it will add stress to you, the guide bar, and clutch's performance.   Follow the slide-show and written regimen below to learn more about your chain tensioner, and preventative maintenance.  For professional chain sharpening services or instruction, please contact me directly.

  1. Remove chain tensioner - guide plate screw (See Image 1).  

  2. Remove chain tensioner guide plate (See Image 2).

  3. With a tool, carefully pry out tensioning (worm drive) guide plug (See Image 3).

  4. Remove tensioning assembly screw and carefully remove tensioner (See Image 4).

  5. With tensioner removed, inspect assembly spring and clean tensioner compartment (See Image 5).  

  6. Inspect oil pump - reservoir channel for debris or clogging (See Image 6).  Reinstall or replace assembly (regarding condition), and check for function.  Your chainsaw guide bar should move freely when tightening or loosening.  For more information on chain tensioning, or my other professional services, please contact me directly.

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