About Us



About HFM


Everything we do started in our mountains - in our National Forests. 


From Smokejumping, to felling trees as big as Volkswagen's, we volunteered, were selected, trained hard, and have been conducting operations for over 30 years.

Our axiom is: Strength In Stewardship!

Meet Jon

Jon's a USMC & DoD Veteran (Raids & Recon).  He began grabbing gears in wildland fire, while serving as a Smokejumper and Air Tactical Group Supervisor.  Jon's elite training has prepared him for asymmetrical problem solving, while working our WUI's overkill.


Jon serves on La Plata County's Wildfire Advisory Board WAB), he volunteers for his local community, and consults as a R&D specialist, for the world's largest military parachute manufacturer.  His background: Forestry, Arboriculture, Perpetuity Logging, Fuels Mitigation and Advanced Fire Behavior. 





Spending decades in the forest, learning how fire interacts with its fuel loading, ultimately helped us build our foundation. 


Redirecting from large scale forestry operations, to client's backyards, helps keep our skin in the game!


 Working the forest (fighting its overkill) is our mission, and we're out to help cultivate the masses.  It must be done.