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Chainsaw Spark Plug Gap (0.20 SAE / 0.50mm)

Spark plug gap is the number 1 - most overlooked maintenance item that homeowners neglect.  Proper fuel combustion is critical for safe and effective operations.  Tip: for every 10 hours of chainsaw use (especially at higher elevations) remove, inspect, and/ or replace your spark plug.  This action will help keep your chainsaw running tip-top for years to come!  Follow the slide-show and written regimen below to learn more about spark plug gap, and preventative maintenance.  For professional chain sharpening services or instruction, please contact me directly.

  1. Carefully remove the spark plug - coil boot (See Image 1).  Inspect coil, boot, and ignition wire.

  2. With scrench (or other tool of choice), loosen spark plug (See Image 2).

  3. Remove spark plug and inspect (See Image 3).

  4. With spark plug gapping tool, properly gap your spark plug (See Image 4).  Ensure your spark plug is the correct model for your chainsaw (see owners manual or google it).  The correct gap is: 0.20 (standard) and 0.50 mm (metric).  

  5. Reference your spark plug - heat range (its color) with chart (See Image 5).  All Stihl® chainsaw models use NGK - BPMR7A.  

  6. Reinstall your spark plug and torque to 25 Nm.  For more information or my other professional chain services, please contact me directly.

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