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For over 40 years, and with over 100k units sold, our survival bunkers are for clients who understand that life throws curve balls.  You do not want to be fire mitigating the day of the wildfire, wondering where and what to evacuate with, or running for your life, when your escape route is cut off!

You are going to need a safe place to go.  You are going to need a Bunker.

Bunkers like ours have been tested, certified, and operational (in other countries), for over a decade.


Our bunkers meet FEMA 320, 361, and ICC 500 Protocols.  They have completed testing at Texas Tech's Wind, Science & Engineering Center and Architectural Testing in Plano, TX.

Wildfire Survival Bunker Q & A's...

Question: How long do they take to install?

Answer: About 1 full day, for either the 6 or 10 person bunkers, depending on the challenges with terrain.

Question: Are clients allowed to install their own units? 

Answer: Yes.  We don't recommend it, but we are not going to tell client's No.  We have SOP's for you to follow, but ultimately, it's install at you own risk!  For contractors, we have a one-time certification process.

Question: How long can a person survive in a bunker?

Answer: For our 6 and 10 person bunkers, at max capacity, is (roughly) 1 hour of passive air supply.  The average household size in La Plata County, CO, is 3 persons.

Question: Will the wildfire "suck" the air out of the bunker?

Answer: No.  When properly maintained, our bunkers are tightly sealed when their vents and hatch are closed.

Question: How much do the bunkers cost?

Answer: For a detailed estimate, WRT current pricing, please call us today: +1 (970) 317-0826

Question: Do you remove trees and vegetation, prior to installation?

Answer: Yes.  Strategic bunker location is paramount, along with locating utilities and other hazards, prior to installation.  We are equipped for total site prepperation.   

Question: Do you finance?

Answer: We are working on this feature, for wildfire season 2022.

Question: What are the bunkers made of?

Answer: 6,000 PSI, rebar and fiber reinforced concrete.  They are constructed with a top and bottom (T&G), to allow for various delivery and installation methods.  The vents are metal and the hatch is stainless steel.


Question: Do we still need to evacuate if the shelter is our best option?

Answer: We recommend that you evacuate.  If there's time, and you are able to stow valuables in your bunker, it will help with post recovery.  Sifting through caustic ash and ruble is not recommended.


Question: Do the bunkers come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes.  10 Year limited liability warranty.


Question: Do they make for a decent prepper bunker?

Answer: We'll leave that for you to decide.  The bunker is sub-level, and its construction is stronger than most home foundations.

Question: Can the bunker be relocated at a later date?

Answer: Yes.  However, once the top and bottom sections have been joined, the unit will need to be removed as a whole.  This will increase the height and weight allowances for equipment choice and transportation.

Question: How much do they weigh?

Answer: 6 person (12,000 lbs) and 10 person (22,500 lbs).  Please consider your equipment choice, prior to self installation.  We recommend using a crane for challenging installation.

Question: How far from the main dwelling does the bunker need to be located?

Answer: We recommend between 30' and 100'.  This selection will be covered, prior to installation.

Question: Can I store additional oxygen bottles in the bunker"

Answer: No/we do not recommend pure O2.  Compressed air (yes), like SCBA's or dive bottles with appropriate mask and regulator.

Question: Do you sell wildland fire related PPE?

Answer: Not yet, but do check back periodically.

Question: Are pets allowed in the bunker?

Answer: Yes.  Please address your pets individual behavior, practice bunker ingress/egress with them, and outfit bunker accordingly.  You will want your deployment to be as stress free, as possible.

Question: Does the bunker require any maintenance?

Answer: Wildfire Survival Bunkers come with an owner's manual, which outlines installation and maintenance.

Question: Will the dirt settle around the bunker, post installation?

Answer: Yes.  We recommend final landscaping, after the bunker has had a chance to settle.

Question: What are the transport and installation costs?

Answer: Our pricing revolves around distance, fuel costs, and site preparation.  Sorry, we do not do final landscaping.  A detailed estimate will be provided prior to installation.

Question: Do I need a permit?

Answers: Client's are responsible for any local permits, and utility location, prior to installation.

Question: How deep will the bunker be installed, from ground level?

Answer: Close to 55" in depth.  You DO NOT want to over excavate!  This will be covered, prior to final installation.

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