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HFM Provides Professional Fire Mitigation   Training  and Tree Care Services  to the Four Corners Area.  We'll either train you, provide the right service or we'll do the job together - whatever it takes!  Learn how to make time, money and resource management work for you.  Schedule your appointment today!

Professional Training  √  Affordable Services  √  Unmatched Experience  √

With nearly 3 million chainsaws sold annually in the United States alone, anyone can call themselves an expert these days.

We're licensed and insured to protect everyone's hard earned money. 


With over 30 years of specialized experience (coupled with state-of-the-art equipment and capabilities), we're able to safely cover a lot of ground, purposefully.


   Remember to ask about experience, references and proof of insurance!


Specialized Experience


For over 30 years our specialized background has helped clients heighten their largest investment. 

With tens-of-thousands of hours spent working and managing forest resources, removing hazardous trees, and providing private and commercial outreach, we're confident in our ability to help you succeed.  You want to learn?  We'll teach you.  Properly.  You want trees removed?  We're outstanding at that too!  References available.

Join the growing number of Coloradans who trust our training and services!


Our Story

HFM owner Jon Frisch began working our National Forest's on Inter-agency Hot Shot Crews (IHC), prior to his smokejumper selection Jon's backdrop in perpetuity logging, forestry, arboriculture and advanced fire behavior will help you choose the right service or training package, to best complete your goals.

 We're addressing an enormous gap in our local fire mitigation standards and protocol.


More About Stewardship - Less About Sponsorship


Because our community's overwhelmed, under informed and missing core groups of homeowners fire mitigating, it's more important than ever to focus on protecting your home - your views - your living.  Why?  Because you, your family, your neighbor, your community, and your Karma depends on it.    


What Is Fire Mitigation


Fire mitigation is stewardship.  The act of fire mitigation is working diligently to remove excess fuels.  We cordially invite you to enroll in the possibility that connecting - caring for your property and ecosystem, may be one of the greatest gifts of your life.  Be a steward!    


HFM bridges gaps between local hearsay, amateur guidance and trendy protocols.  We explain forestry (silviculture), and how it relates to wildland fire - your property - your goals.


What About The Cost - When Can You Start

Not every client is local or interested in the long story.  We get it.  You want a legitimate proposal, proof of insurance and the soonest start date available.  Our cost mainly depends on your goals.  Some clients just want the problem to go away, while others are willing to perform some (if not all) of the work themselves. 


Either way, our training and/ or service plans will show you what right looks like.



A Few Local Projects...

Our Family Fire Mitigates Too!
Private Chainsaw Maintenance Training
Storm Cleanup - Glacier Club
Winter Pile Burning - Los Ranchitos
Hazard Tree Removal - Forest Lakes
Hazard Tree Removal - Vallecito Lake
Pruning - Durango West
Pruning - Enchanted Forest
Piedra Fuel Break
WCP - Private Logging
Cascade Mistletoe Removal
Castle Rock HOA


 ... And Testimonials


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Skin In The Game - Celebrating 30 years of specialized experience!

Fire Mitigation doesn't have to be overwhelming...we can help!


Big or Small - Private or Commercial


HFM coordinated and assisted Durango Fire & Rescue, while conducting Prescribed Fire Operations, amidst Ryan's home and commercial business.

- Ryan Siggins

(Durango Wood Company)

Durango, CO

unnamed-2 10.00.02 AM.jpg

"My husband and I are past our chainsaw operating days - Jon and crew came over and cut all the dead trees into firewood. 


They fell and sawed many of our dead Aspen trees too.  We were very appreciative for their expertise and flexible schedule!"

- Lisa K.

(Castle Rock - HOA)

Durango, CO